Posted by: Sunchaser | November 29, 2010

“When it comes time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home.” Chief Aupumut, Mohican. 1725

Inlakesh, I am you as you are me. Or I’m in you and your in me. How we view others is how we view ourselves, how we judge others is how we judge ourselves,  but also how we love others is how we love ourselves.


If we could take a moment to look at what we are really upset about when we lose our senses with someone be them a close loved one or perfect stranger, what we might be able to perceive is the reflection of something in ourselves that we are seeing in them. Then when we are able to make this connection we can move forward to the forgiving stage, and then the real fun begins, are we able to forgive ourselves as easily as we forgive a loved one or perfect stranger. Or do we find forgiveness for ourselves easier? If we could all go through our days with the understanding that what we do to others we do to ourselves we might just turn this society around. Instead of laying blame we started to simply recognize the issue and collectively seek out solutions together with respect and love for each other then we would begin to see that respect and love coming back to ourselves from others. However the trick is to not do things with the expectation of receiving anything in return as this mars the intent of the service and when we do this we re-enter a judgement mentality of things. If we can approach our day to day life with true compassion for ourselves then true compassion will flow to and from others and true compassion is really love without expectations is it not? In doing things in this way we would eventually become less judgemental of others and ourselves and begin a stage of acceptance, tolerance and understanding, and the more we can accept, tolerate and understand others the more we would be able to accept, tolerate and understand ourselves. All are welcome here.


Also if anyone would care to open a discussion about anything please feel free, I am considering all of this as “Spirit Flow” I welcome any input from anyone.



  1. To live every day with an open heart is a true challenge of the warrior life. It is a challenge when we are confronted with all the disease of our brothers and sisters to keep an open heart, It is a challenge when we speak to our selves with the black magic of negative internal dialogue, to keep an open and loving heart. When our hearts are truly open we feel no barrier between our selves. others and the great spirit, we are as ONE as all the great masters tell us again and again. Fear closes the heart. Fear is the tool of the mind to feed from our negative emotions. When we just glimpse the true nature of selves we realize we have no need to use fear as a shield from our selves or others or from the universe. We embrace all as a manifestation of the great spirit – a manifestation of love energy. This is not to be confused with romantic love as this love is an energy that transcends all polarity. It is spoken in the sacred mantras of OM. Cultivate this in your heart.

    We choose what words we use, We choose to act with fear or to act with love. As we train ourselves out of fear and train our selves to be alive, to live with an open heart we change our entire relationship with the universe. We take responsibility for the events / emotions we manifest around us.

    When we are struggling we can remember what the masters tell us. This blog recently posted “Sogyal Rinpoche Rest In Natural Great Peace”. We are reminded that just like a glass of muddy water – if we don’t stir it, the dirt will slowly settle.”

    We choose.

    Hoka Hey It is a Good Day to Die !

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